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Middle Finance

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Middle Finance is a fintech company focused on simplifying the mortgage process in Australia. In just 18 months, we developed a groundbreaking solution now used by 2,500 brokers. Middle Finance engaged us to design a digital fact-finding platform to streamline the mortgage application process for brokers and customers. Our goal was to create a user-friendly interface that significantly reduces application submission time while adhering to strict industry regulations and ensuring secure, efficient information exchange between borrowers and brokers.

We addressed design complexities across three platforms: public website, broker platform, and client platform. Each required unique solutions. We developed a comprehensive design system to ensure consistency and a seamless user experience. Collaborating closely with Middle Finance, we created a platform that enables brokers to securely access borrower details within minutes. This open banking-enabled digital fact-find technology is a game-changer for brokers, offering quick and efficient client interactions.

The solution reduced the loan application process to just 15 minutes, significantly saving time compared to market alternatives.