Multi-Patient Ventilator Splitter


Multi-Patient Ventilator Splitter


Fewer than 2,000 working ventilators serve hundreds of millions of people in 41 countries across Africa, compared to over 170,000 in the US alone. Prana is a medical device that allows up to four patients to share one noninvasive ventilator safely when resource-constrained hospitals are overwhelmed with patient loads. The device was inspired by a series of interviews with doctors and respiratory therapists in Ghana, Cambodia, Mexico, and India where ventilators are a scarce commodity. Prana harnesses existing ventilator technology by simply plugging into the machine and supporting four patients using one device.

Prana’s clever design leverages off-the-shelf, medical-grade parts that plug into each other and connect to the main ventilator unit through its unique four-way splitter. All the components are housed in an enclosure that facilitates rapid assembly and disassembly of parts for maintenance and sterilization. The system can be conceived for less than $1,000 for four patients, compared to traditional noninvasive ventilators that cost $5,000 to $15,000 for only one patient

Key Team Members

Zach Mudge, Design Engineering, UK
Mercedes Saldana, Industrial Design, California
Peipei Lin, Digital Design, California Maher
Aiden Ward, Mechanical Engineering, UK
Tom Fuller, Systems Engineering, UK
Jacob Turner, Electrical Engineering, UK
SCY, Design Engineering, UK
Athena Lopez, Bioengineering, California
Upasana Tejwani, Medical Device Approval, California
Abhi Ghavalkar, Project Lead, California