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My Intuitive

Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

My Intuitive is an app for surgeons who use da Vinci X and Xi surgical systems. It delivers procedure data through a mobile app synced to the surgeon console that they use during a case. My Intuitive also provides access to training data, ergonomic settings, and case histories. 


Data can provide surgeons with valuable insights. With My Intuitive they can track training or look for operational efficiencies. Case history reveals personal trends and comparisons with national benchmarks. For insights on a single case, they can scroll a timeline to see use of instruments, their individual console time, operative and non-operative time, and more.


A surgeon can log into a da Vinci system, the My Intuitive app, and Intuitive Learning with the same credentials. My Intuitive works with any cloud-connected da Vinci X or Xi system. When a surgeon sits at a console and logs in, the system picks up ergonomic and energy settings. Within My Intuitive they can edit or create a public profile for the Intuitive Provider Locator with automatic updates of practice highlights.


Surgeons can access My Intuitive data from anywhere. They can review and analyze data associated with procedures they performed using a da Vinci system with the convenience of mobile (Android or iOS). They can access Intuitive Learning for training scores, simulation stats, and clinical video libraries—from one app, any time.

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