My Lung Health


My Lung Health

Samsung Research America

339M people suffer from asthma globally according to the WHO. Surprisingly, asthma monitoring is currently limited to patient symptom reporting & clinical observations.

My Lung Health is a research study app created by Samsung Research America’s Digital Health Lab in collaboration with Brigham & Women’s Hospital to detect asthma. The app’s intuitive design reduces typically lengthy in-person pulmonary tests to quick tasks users can complete anywhere, relaying important health data to physicians to aid in determining the best course of treatment.

By redesigning & transforming a complicated in-person clinical observation into an accurate remote health monitoring process, we are setting a new precedent for how research is conducted in the field. The app serves as a model for studying health conditions that have previously only been investigated in clinical settings while offering a revolutionary solution that is leading the way to improved treatment for millions of people worldwide.

Key Team Members

Josh Richman, Kim Im
Megan Gupta, Young Jang
Ixabu Gonzalez, Matthieu Chaminade