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Nex Playground

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Honorable Mention

Nex Playground is an active game system, designed for families. While gaming at-large is predominantly a sedentary endeavor, Nex Playground reignites people’s passion for active physical movement, turning screen time into active playtime for players of all ages. Aimed at families who already love gaming, or who are seeking “safer” ways to introduce gaming into the home, Nex wants everyone to get up, get engaged, and play. Using cutting-edge AI, mobile, and vision technologies to capture your body’s natural movements, physical gestures are tracked without need for additional game controllers, sensors or wearables. Nex Playground merges the physical and digital worlds allowing players to be eortlessly immersed into fun, creative experiences that get the family exerting themselves with hearts pounding, skin sweating, and riots of laughter.

Key Team Members

level Team
Nichole Rouillac, Founder + Creative Director
David Roseberry, Lead Industrial Designer
Justin Mamaril, Junior Industrial Designer
Marion Decroix, Senior Industrial Designer
Nex Team
David Lee, Co-Founder and CEO
Tony Sung, Co-Founder and Engineer
Jorge Fino, VP of Design
Paul Dixon, VP of Marketing