NY Residence


NY Residence

Min Design

This project reimagines an existing penthouse apartment in a converted warehouse in New York. The design reflects a light-handed approach, contrasting with the heavy timber beams and columns to create a home both serene and highly functional for a family and everyday living. The design of the apartment creates a nimble conversation between the heavy and the light.

Smooth, minimal surfaces provide contrast and foil to the existing timber structure, and
a variety of material textures work within the restrained and elemental color palette. The stair becomes a focal moment of the space through its material expression. Defined by folded steel plates, the stair reads as a sculptural object that captures and carves light through the levels of the apartment. The residual space that emerges from this sculpted steel also becomes a moment of levity and play, a secret hideout underneath the stairs.

Through the reconceiving of the space, the apartment becomes a quiet, contemplative container for light, art, and family living.

Key Team Members

EB Min, Principal
Melinda Turner, Team Member
Hayfa Algwaiz, Team Member
Kyat Chin, Team Member
Dow Built, Contractor