Obvious World Positive Report 2024, Solving the Puzzle


Obvious World Positive Report 2024, Solving the Puzzle

Pineapple, San Francisco

Honorable Mention

The World Positive Report is a quantitative and qualitative look at the indelible imprint that Obvious Ventures portfolio companies are leaving on the world. The fourth edition, World Positive Report 2024, Solving the Puzzle, was a collaboration between Obvious Ventures, renowned puzzler, Scott Kim, and San Francisco brand strategy and design firm, Pineapple. On top of the world-class editorial content, Scott created the mechanics for the puzzles and Pineapple expressed the puzzles in the overall designs of the book, disguising the puzzles in the stories, the margins, and the physical printing of the report. The resulting design is a serious report highlighting Obvious’ portfolio companies’ successes while hiding the puzzles in plain sight (in the illustrations, the text, the page footers, the removable die-cut code key, and the conclusion of the book).

Key Team Members

Pineapple Team
Paul Rogers, Design Director/Co-Founder
Daniel Clark, Designer
Leigh Grubbs, Designer
Brendan Keenan, Producer
Marcus V. Colombano, Strategy Director/Co-Founder
Puzzle Development Team
Scott Kim,
James Joaquin,
Additional Teams
Emily Brady, Obvious Ventures, Editorial Director
Nick Fisher, Copywriter