OLLY Headquarters


OLLY Headquarters

FENNIE+MEHL Architects

OLLY, makers of nutritious gummy supplements, have a unique brand that intertwines happiness and wellness. When one enters their new headquarters, they step right into that feeling. We sought to create an experience that embodies health and resembles more of a wellness camp than an office space.

The design challenge revolved around how to create a spatial experience that lived up to the OLLY brand identity. Because happiness is meant to be spread, the designers filled Camp OLLY with places to share experiences through fun, bright, joyful moments.

A key moment at OLLY is when the elevator opens: an all-white reception desk and curved display wall resembles a laboratory and retail space. The desk gives a nod to the smiling logo as well as the shape of the company’s unique bottles, indicating they’ve officially stepped into the brand. The large moss OLLY “O” is at the head of a “family table” where the company gathers for daily lunches that have been sacred to their culture for years.

Key Team Members

Jenna Ruth, Project Principal
Diana Nankin, Project Manager
Maddie Giblin, Interior Designer
General Contractor, Dome Construction
Furniture Dealer, Pivot Interiors

About the organization

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