On-Boarding Kit for Pediatric Cancer Patient


On-Boarding Kit for Pediatric Cancer Patient

California College of the Arts and Kids & Art Foundation

Kids & Art Foundation is a non-profit organization based in California. Their mission is to integrate a more holistic approach to pediatric cancer care. Through a collaboration with the Mdes IxD program of California College of the Arts, Kids and Art worked with five graduate students to create an on-boarding experience for children and caregivers who are new to the cancer treatment journey. 

The final design is an onboarding kit, which is the result of a five-week intensive research and design sprint. The project focuses on bringing user-centric packaging and visual design to the children and their caregivers. Along with basic welcome information, children receive arts and craft supplies, starter art activities, and breathing and meditation exercises to support them along their journey. Caregivers also have individualized information around the organization, and how they can connect to support for themselves and their family.

Key Team Members

Adeline Soekawan, Julia Barros
PoWei Chen, Yue Xie, and Zoe Parsigian