Oracle Redwood Design System


Oracle Redwood Design System


For more than four decades, Oracle has delivered innovation upon which entire industries have been built, helping companies manage the world’s most important data. Companies like Zoom, Mastercard, Vodafone, Chipotle to Xerox, turned to Oracle because just like them, we’ve rebuilt our entire business for the cloud. We’ve developed the modern business applications that every company uses to “make work happen” from human resources to budgeting to marketing and run it on a brand-new cloud platform so customers don’t have to worry about hardware, security, networking – it’s all taken care of by Oracle. As the only vendor with both a complete suite of integrated cloud applications and a next-generation cloud infrastructure platform, we’re in a unique position to deeply understand the challenges that enterprises face in moving to the cloud.

When it comes to design, enterprise software has fallen behind the consumer experiences we all use every day. We know that customers have come to expect a high level of quality from their software, and enterprise software is no exception. At Oracle, we’re focused on creating experiences that attempt to surpass the best consumer experiences designed to increase employee engagement, collaboration, and performance. Whether it’s a universal, powerful search interface letting customers find the information they need, even with their voice, or AI delivering customized newsfeeds and real-time analytics, the Oracle modern, consumer-grade+ UX aims to delivers a predictive, proactive experience that brings joy to customers work every day.

The design system is called Redwood, and it’s the foundation of our 400+ applications and our brand. We aspire to create the world’s most sophisticated design system, making software accessible for all, and aesthetically representing a global perspective. While we are still at the beginning of our journey, we are proud to have delivered dozens of next-generation user experiences to customers and dozens more to come. We’re working to get our users to fall in love with Oracle one interaction at a time. Oracle has spent the last several years making significant investments in the Redwood Design System. While these may seem like obvious investments for an applications company, the way that Oracle has defined and pursued these investments reflect a unique vision across the industry for the future of enterprise application development at Oracle, among our customers, and among enterprises in general.

As a result of Oracle’s strategic shift to elevate user experiences that we deliver to millions of users, Redwood became the final piece of the Oracle Applications Platform. When used properly, every app built on this platform should by default have a state-of-the-art Redwood user experience. And our goal is nothing less than to create a unified design for enterprise applications embody the most modern patterns, integrated services, and beautiful detailed micro-interactions. We believe there is tangible business merit of having a great user experience. It doesn’t just make people feel better, it contributes to higher productivity, and higher employee retention. Employees want to work at companies that give them the best and most comfortable tools with which to do their jobs.

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