Pinterest San Francisco


Pinterest San Francisco


Media–Objectives designed a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system to reframe Pinterest’s existing office for hybrid work and improved navigation. Destination directionals, column applications, and building directories introduce a numerical system based upon the building’s existing grid of support columns. The numerals define perimeter workspaces known as “neighborhoods” and allow for workspace rearrangement without needing modifications to the wayfinding materials.

Iconic San Francisco sights such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica Pyramid, Giant’s Stadium, and the Painted Ladies are illustrated in graphic applications on each floor. The illustrated scenes serve as 360-degree murals on columns, and evolve from streetscape views on the ground floor, to skyscraper views on the 6th floor. Their bold, colorful appearance brings the fun-loving Pinterest identity into the offices. The design was so successful that Pinterest has deployed the system to its offices globally.

Key Team Members

Joe Lawton , Project Lead
Andrew McCormack, Designer
Yonglin Chen, Designer