Planet ZÜLO


Planet ZÜLO

Planet ZÜLO

ZÜLO is a handcrafted wooden toys range of 60 stylized animal figurine. It endeavors to provide a better option than plastic toys in the following ways:

• Primarily handcrafted from assorted scrap/waste wood having no harmful chemicals and negligible carbon footprint, thus fulfilling safe sustainable production.
• In sharp contrast to short life plastic ones (ending up in landfills/oceans), these can be passed on by generations as timeless heirlooms. Thus spurring socially and environmentally responsible consumption.
• Handcrafted nature supports poor artisan based local craft communities by improving their household income.

• ZÜLO toys are FIRST of its kind in the world that combines wood-turning craft with magnets to form different movable building parts.
• Their form is 3D (because of wood-turning) rather than other ubiquitous 2D jigsaw flat cut-out shaped wooden magnetic toys.
• The parts are interchangeable/modular and have multiple magnetic joineries facilitating creation of other new figurines. Thus the play value/shelf life of the toys increases.

ZÜLO positively impact the environment by addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #12 (Responsible consumption and Production) and #13 (Climate Action)

Key Team Members

Shine Bhola, Image credits
Dhairya Shikhar, Founder Designer