Presidio Heights


Presidio Heights

Eche Martinez Interior Design

This project began at an atypical starting point when our clients purchased this home blindly, without seeing the interior that had recently been refinished to fit the modern tastes of the previous owners. We did what we could to work with the original materials to create a home tailored to fit our client’s style all while trying to minimize waste. Many of the modern touches had to be subdued to give the home a sense of presence in San Francisco’s rich design history. The use of vintage and antique goods helped a great deal with that and had the dual effect of cutting environmental impacts.

Creating this home was a rewarding exercise in our specialty of meshing modern, traditional, and antique elements. We had to add enough traditional elements to the contemporary home so that the modern elements had the right backdrop to pop against. These layers ebbed and flowed and ultimately resulted in a finished product with an appropriate blend of grounded timelessness and lively playfulness.

all project photos credit Christopher Stark

Key Team Members

Yaneli Mora , Lead Designer

About the organization

Featured in Wallpaper, House Beautiful and Luxe as one of the nation’s top emerging design talents, Eche Martinez is the founder of San Francisco based interior design firm ECHE. The virtuosity of the firm’s work is influenced by Eche’s background in architecture and luxury branding. His work draws on these experiences as well as a broad range of cultural references to create spaces that feel at once timeless and exciting. His thoughtful use of contemporary art, antiques and custom elements have become distinctive of the firm’s award-winning work. Never limited by the doctrines of any particular style or ephemeral trend, Eche creates environments that feel both timeless and current. Eche believes design should be led by a sense of refinement that is unexpected and approachable. A native of Buenos Aires, Eche established his design practice in San Francisco after completing studies in Paris. His cosmopolitan eye has landed him a key role in San Francisco’s design community where he caters to a diverse client portfolio. Eche has completed projects for private and public use that include historic, large-scale restorations to cabins on-board the exclusive MS The World, the largest privately owned residential yacht.