Project Dandelion


Project Dandelion



Project Dandelion responds to the climate crisis with a message of hope. Founded by Connected Women Leaders and Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, the project aims to pressure leaders to do more, and with more urgency.

Social impact agency WRTHY developed the name, brand strategy and campaign, and brought Office on to create an identity that could become an iconic symbol for the global climate justice movement. 

The logo represents the dandelion, a symbol of resilience, as it’s the only flower that blooms on every continent. Just as dandelions spread countless seeds, Project Dandelion’s goal is to seed a growing global movement. The symbol sits comfortably in any culture, and works equally well on a protest placard, social media post or brooch proudly worn by climate leaders. 

Bold typography is purposely loud, to provoke unity and resolve. The color palette amplifies Project Dandelion’s bold aspirations, evoking the strength and optimism needed to build a climate-safe world.

Key Team Members

WRTHY, Client
Lew Willig, Executive Creative Director (WRTHY)
Jason Schulte, Creative Director
Jill Robertson, Creative Director
Rob Alexander, Designer
Will Ecke, Designer
Merrill Henrich, Animator
Dominique Mao, Production Artist
Olivia Donnelly, Production Artist
Reva Parness, Account Manager
Women Deliver/ Franck Axel Nyabagabo, Photographer
Migwa Nthiga, Photographer
Carlos Gonzales, Photography/Stock
Andrea Ferrario, Photography/Stock
Sata Production, Photography/Stock
Irina Efremova and Javier Pardina, Photography/Stock