Rapid Machine Operator


Rapid Machine Operator


Spiraling local labor, machine operator shortages, expensive and inflexible equipment, and costly maintenance are some challenges preventing many small and medium-sized manufacturers in the U.S. from implementing industrial robots presently.
Rapid Robotics created the Rapid Machine Operator (RMO) as an all-in-one robotic automation solution that is affordable and accessible to all major manufacturing sectors. It is a robotics system that can handle 80% of factory floor tasks and comes pre-trained to perform all sorts of jobs (including pad printing, injection molding, heat staking, heat stamping, parts inspection, assembly, and many others). It has a 60-second setup process leveraging a state-of-the-art computer vision platform and a pre-trained AI capable of learning new operations.
The RMO is made available to manufacturers through a monthly subscription which is a cost-efficient solution to help increase their production, maximize workforce and expand operations.

Key Team Members

Afshin Mehin, Chief Creative Officer / Card79
Levi Joo , Industrial Designer / Card79
Mark Choi, Industrial Designer / Card79
Nolan Nisbet , Industrial Designer / Card79
Aidan Hilborn, Rapid Robotics
David Hallock, Rapid Robotics
Jenny Huynh, Rapid Robotics
Jean-Louis Iaconic, Rapid Robotics