REAL Immersive System


REAL Immersive System


The REAL Immersive System from Penumbra is a simple, portable rehabilitation tool that can be used at the patient’s bedside, in a therapy gym, or a mobile health location. It’s an immersive virtual reality and display system that tracks upper extremity rehabilitation exercises for adults who have symptoms related to stroke or neurodegenerative diseases. It is the first VR system that is purpose-built from the ground up for rehabilitation in a healthcare environment.

Its components are a VR headset, sensors, and a tablet with an app that allows the clinician to administer and monitor the therapy session. Upon powering on, the patient is immediately immersed in VR, engaging in visual challenges guided by their therapist. Electromagnetic tracking allows the therapist to be wherever they need to be around their patient without disrupting position tracking, creating a more stable and consistent user experience. The sensors are attached with soft neoprene bands, and in less than two minutes of set-up, the patient is working in a virtual world with their full-presence avatar.

Key Team Members

Katie Broughton, Matt Bettman
Chris Strahm, Rachel Wallace, Real Immersive System Development Team