Reimagine: The Enterprise User Experience


Reimagine: The Enterprise User Experience


What is Redwood User Experience from Oracle?
Redwood is the name of Oracle’s next-generation user experience. It is focused on bringing state-of-the-art, consumer-grade user experiences across devices to the sophisticated enterprise scenarios that Oracle enables. The Redwood experience is not just for our user interfaces but will touch every single interaction our customers and partners (and employees) have with the company. Redwood is much more than a change in color scheme or a marketing initiative. Redwood is a collective reinvention of how Oracle customers interact with technology and consume information. We see this as an opportunity to set a new standard for user experience for the entire industry.

Why are you creating Redwood now?
At Oracle we have spent years making sure that our cloud offerings are the most secure, the most capable, and the most complete. We feel good about the progress we’ve made but we know we can do even more. We’ve always prioritized the user experience of our offerings but we see an opportunity to leapfrog our competitors in the area of user experience. Our customers are counting on us to lead in this space and we are working hard to deliver on this commitment every day.

What makes Redwood different?
Redwood starts with the premise that there is no reason the experience of using technology in a workplace can’t be as intuitive, polished and delightful as many of the state-of-the-art experiences our users have in their personal lives on their phones, tablets, and laptops. The bar is high to be consumer-grade, and Redwood is designed to exceed that bar. Redwood is designed to understand you in the language you use best – words. No longer do users need to understand the terminology and hierarchical systems of their technology vendor. Instead, the software works to understand the user and the words they use to describe tasks, places, and questions they may have. And over time, Redwood experiences learn from users using our adaptive intelligence technologies. Everywhere users have to make choices, Redwood endeavors to make intelligent recommendations that take that users role, context, and past behavior into account. Oracle has a long history of being the best at storing your critical data. Redwood makes it so that Oracle is also the best at visualizing that data with sophisticated insights helping you interpret what you see. Finally, Redwood is not just a new user experience but a series of tools, reusable components, and services that you can use to customize and extend our applications or even build your own. You can create Redwood experiences using the very same platform Oracle engineers use themselves.

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