Relish Life Packaging


Relish Life Packaging


Card79 partnered with Relish Life to design monthly subscription packages and create a packaging system that provides members with a delightful and sustainable medication delivery while reinforcing the company’s commitment to holistic weight loss and mental health.

Relish is a company that makes weight loss achievable and sustainable by delivering weight loss medication to your door once a month. Each cardboard package includes a recyclable pouch containing the weight loss medication and a complimentary gift held in the built-in compartment and customized each month to reward members in new ways.

We wanted to design an enjoyable unboxing experience for our users, which led to this product’s distinctive perforated tear-off strip that allows for easy opening and bright graphic prints on the interior while having a muted brown corrugated cardboard finish on the outside.

Overall, Relish packaging was designed to be innovative, functional, and sustainable.

Key Team Members

Afshin Mehin, Levi Joo
Taylor Montello, Cynthia Vo
Austin Magin, Liz Dickinson
Shannon Shear,