Honorable Mention

Real estate private equity firm Rockpoint Group believes everyone does their best work when together. Their San Francisco office engages all levels of employees to thrive in a modern yet timeless design that prioritizes being in person together. 

FENNIE+MEHL renovated a full floor of the historic One Bush to bathe the space in daylight from its glass perimeter. Extensive interior glass visually expanded the reception, boardroom, and lounge, and allows natural light to reach those working in interior spaces as equally as for the executives in perimeter offices. A centralized break area acts as both kitchen and gathering place for meeting or socializing. Dark metals and natural woods pair a natural palette with bold textures and modern shapes. Because the historic 1’x1’ acoustic ceiling tiles and troffer lights couldn’t be removed, the designers shaped the space plan around them. The contrasting reveal between exposed ceiling and seamless solid ceiling dramatically modernizes the space. 

Key Team Members

Fennie + Mehl
Dough Mehl, Architecture
Omied Arvin, Architecture
Diana Nankin, Architecture
James Ibali, Architecture
Vismaya Koni, Architecture
BCCI Construction
Lucas Hernandez, GC
David Bernal, GC
Dale Robertson, GC
Shinichi Suzuki, Furniture
Andrew Parker, Furniture
Garrick Collins, AV