Honorable Mention: Santa Ynez Connect 4


Honorable Mention: Santa Ynez Connect 4

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This Santa Ynez Connect 4 (1280sf, 2bd, 2ba) with two wrapping, covered “Connect Decks” has amazingly framed wine country views. This client owned the lot for 10 years, looking for a cost-effective way to build a dream home the whole time. Ultimately, Connect Homes helped the clients build their glass and steel dream home using a unique, predictable, affordable prefab process for assembly-line-built high-design architecture.

Connect Homes is trying to democratize beautiful modern homes like this Santa Ynez Connect 4. Since this house was delivered two years ago, Connect Homes has delivered three more Connect 4’s with this identical wrapping-covered-deck configuration – one in Gualala (CA), one in Malibu (CA) built to recover from the Woolsey fire, and one in Monterey County (CA). The steel frame of the house allows clients to put floor-to-ceiling glass wherever they want around the perimeter of the house, tuning the house to the outdoors.

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