Spark (Speech Pattern Analysis and Remediation Kit)


Spark (Speech Pattern Analysis and Remediation Kit)

Kritika Kushwaha

Communication is one of the most fundamental aspects of our daily lives; yet, speech and its impact are often overlooked. Unknowingly, we inculcate speaking errors over the years that are difficult to give up, such as improper enunciation, not following a balanced pace, or using filler words. There are many reasons for this, such as habit, nervousness, divided attention, and confidence, and improving these habits can be a challenging task. This can hamper the results we want from our conversations, which can be a crucial variable in the success of our careers and interpersonal relationships. Spark (Speech Pattern Analysis and Remediation Kit) gives people the confidence to overcome these challenges and become better communicators. Spark is a smart wearable device and app that monitors and helps overcome habit-induced speaking challenges like filler words, clarity, pace, and energy. Spark is incredibly easy to use. Once activated and worn, the Spark pin learns your unique voice patterns during onboarding and on-the-go. As you wear the Spark pin throughout the day, it identifies and gives feedback on any recurring errors such as volume, filler words, and pace in real-time through subtle haptic feedback, as well as an end-of-day summary and personalized interactive exercises to help improve focus areas. Spark is inclusive; it uses AI, Natural Language Processing, and geolocation to identify and understand the subtleties of cultural speech patterns and phonetics. It helps to bring out the best in your authentic speech, no matter which part of the world you are from or which language you speak. By making speech improvement accessible for all, Spark strives to be socially responsible, and celebrates diversity.

The concept for Spark was inspired when Kritika, the designer behind Spark, embarked on a mission to address a pressing need in the professional world. As an Indian woman starting her career in the United States and confronted with opportunities to present her work, she encountered a formidable obstacle: a lack of confidence in public speaking due to English not being her native language. Through introspection and sharing her story with others, Kritika observed that her struggles resonated with other fellow immigrants from across the globe as well as with professionals whose communication challenges were influenced by habit, lack of experience, or lack of resources. Driven by the aim of enabling others to thrive, Kritika set out to envision a platform that would transcend language barriers, equipping people with the indispensable tools to shine in their pursuits. Spark is more than a communication resource; it aims to serve as a catalyst for forging meaningful connections with inspiration, self-assurance, and self-confidence.

Key Team Members

Kritika Kushwaha, Designer