Table Safari


Table Safari

Ashwan Kadam: UC Berkeley

Table Safari is a physical-digital game that helps children strengthen their Spatial Visualization capability. Spatial Visualization, or the ability to extrapolate three-dimensional forms from limited two-dimensional information, is proven to be both crucial in STEAM careers and underdeveloped within students from various marginalized backgrounds. By using Game-Based-Learning, Table Safari can improve retention rates within these fields of study by training such a skill at a young age.
Table Safari consists of a physical gameboard with digitally-detectable blocks and a linked digital game. Players are provided three different perspectives of an animal that they must construct with the various blocks on the gameboard. When the user places a block, they receive audio and visual feedback to adjust the location, orientation, and block type to fit within the 3D bounds of the animal. This back-and-forth process builds the visual-spatial link fundamental to Spatial Visualization.

Key Team Members

Ashwan Kadam , Team Member
Shah Tianshu (Shirley), Team Member
Mai Siming (Susie) , Team Member
Jin, Team Member
Zhang Yani , Team Member
Shikha Shah, Team Member