Tempo Move


Tempo Move


Tempo Move is an in-home fitness device that uses innovation in spatial mapping and recognition by using a user’s iPhone to capture form and detect weights based on color. It connects to any TV, displaying live feedback via trainer-guided workouts. Bent sheet metal unifies the design with Tempo’s existing aesthetic language, while textiles and natural materials bring tactility, warmth and comfort. Removing the need for adisplay significantly reduces environmental impacts, the physical footprint, and price–enabling Tempo Move to make at-home health and wellness more accessible.

Move houses 16 weights, 2 dumbbells, 4 collars and a heart rate monitor. Weights stack vertically in chamfered grooves for easy handling. The fabric door wraps around the chassis with tabs that release hidden magnets to access the unit from either side. The removable dock positions the iPhone’s height and angle, while a hidden HDMI cable is channeled to connect to most TVs.

Key Team Members

Nichole Rouillac, Founder + Creative Director
David Roseberry, Lead Industrial Designer
Jon Lau, Lead Industrial Designer