The Band by Virgin Voyages


The Band by Virgin Voyages

Fjord and Mindtribe

Designed for the new demographic of luxury-craving, adventure-curious, and sustainability-minded sailors, The Band is Virgin Voyages’ rebellious reimagination of what smart technology wearables look and act like in the cruise industry. It delivers ultra-compact wireless technology into a functional, stylish, and sustainable wearable that serves as your boarding pass, room key, payment method, and on-demand champagne delivery locator; ensuring you can go rock climbing and snorkeling without worrying about payment for your après-sea cocktail or keys for your cabin.

With a nautical, yet minimal and chic aesthetic, The Band is fit for beach days in bikinis, exploring rocky ruins, sunset photo shoots on the top deck, and glamorous evenings in cocktail dresses. It steers away from typical tech wearable aesthetics of bright silicones and plastics, instead embracing both a modern-maritime design and ethos. Part of a ship-wide commitment to ocean sustainability and single-use plastic ban, The Band is produced from recycled ocean plastic and designed for reuse as a keepsake accessory after the tech module is handed in for repurposing at the end of the cruise.

Key Team Members

Andy Kriebel, Alejandra Castelao
Jay Murallon, Dave Sharps
Bryan Trautsch, Max Burton
Tom Hsiu, Youenn Colin
Jamie Douglas, Michelle Bentubo, and Dee Cooper