The Connect Shelters System


The Connect Shelters System

Connect Homes

Connect Shelters are a rapid-deploy housing solution that can flexibly serve different housing needs, whether emergency, interim, or permanent. This line housing solutions can be 100% completed on the Connect Homes assembly line, at a rate of 4-8 sleeping rooms a day and delivered to the site, ready to use the next day. There are one and two-story solutions – units for singles and families – with options for en-suite bathrooms and kitchens.

The Shelter user may be different from the typical Connect Homes customer, but the end product is surprisingly similar, using a lot of the same techniques of Modern Architecture to bring light and air to very livable spaces.

Connect Shelters’ first Interim Supportive Housing project just opened in Mountain View, where they provided 88 out of 100 rooms. Mountain View’s ability to house the homeless increased by 10X, overnight, and the city reports that per-door and operation costs for the project are a fraction of alternatives.