The Deck of Spaces K-12 (2nd Edition)


The Deck of Spaces K-12 (2nd Edition)


The Deck of Spaces™ K-12 (2nd Edition) is a conversation starter, a brainstorming tool, and an educational tool that allows educators and designers to introduce novel, research-supported spatial concepts to audiences — young and old.

As architects, designers, and researchers, we realize that physical space is a fundamental element within a learning framework. Consequently, our education design team partnered with the Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network (UDL-IRN) and the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) to create a tool that is tactile, user-friendly, and supportive of conversation between the worlds of spatial planning and teaching.

At the beginning of every project, we use this deck during a visioning stage to implement and amplify teaching practices, which ultimately impact the mindsets of students and faculty and have profound learning effects on the student experience. We use this deck in various ways to engage with the whole gamut of stakeholders. Each new user group is constantly expanding the card’s methods of use. It awakens users to ideas not previously considered, making it an ideal tool for visioning. Users guide their discovery with an expansive set of ideas — it’s not a prescribed visioning tool aimed at a specific outcome. Prioritized ideas are easy to pull from the deck and collect as guiding principles. Card categories include student experience, educator experience, and school culture, helping to ensure that all stakeholder perspectives have multiple means to find expression for their viewpoint.

The cards comprise an idea or set of ideas — a narrative description on one side and photos of application ideas on the other. While the images are not the sole solution for each idea, they’re starter ideas, giving the design team and end users the springboard needed to express goals for the educational facility design.

Key Team Members

David Reid , AIA, ALEP, UDL Assoc.
Susan Hardin,
Michael Ralph, Ph.D., MCLFS
Tayvia Navy , AIA, Associate
James Basham,
Sally Wurtzler, AIA
Julie Charvat ,
Mallory Wiegers,