The Halo


The Halo


Honorable Mention

The Halo is a non-invasive neural interface device developed by PropheticAI to stabilize & induce naturally occurring lucid dreams to control them. Lucid dreaming is a state of sleep where a person becomes aware that they are dreaming. The Halo can serve as a bridge for individuals interested in exploring the boundaries of their consciousness or seeking therapeutic benefits associated with lucid dreaming. 

Card79 designed the device driven by comfort, function & aesthetics.  It has a continuous band with minimal bulk around the back and sides of the head to ensure comfort while sleeping. The industrial design volume allows for the targeted ultrasound transducers to be strategically placed to target essential areas of the brain precisely. 

It sets itself apart from other neural devices by offering a non-invasive approach, advanced artificial intelligence integration, and a unique aesthetic vision that goes beyond the status quo of technology design. 

Key Team Members

Afshin Mehin,
Esther Kim,
Huating Yu,
Mark Choi,
Aleks Wesley Louis III,
Eric Wollberg,
Greg McNamara,