The Marine Mammal Center – Interior & Exhibit Renovation


The Marine Mammal Center – Interior & Exhibit Renovation


The Marine Mammal Center is a leading force in marine conservation,
specializing in rescue, veterinary medicine, science, and education. Initially hired for office redesign, HGA expanded the project to include an engaging entry experience for visitors. Demonstrating community spirit, designers offered pro bono programming and test fits. They also created a Virtual Reality model, aiding visualization and fundraising efforts. As a result, the project is fully funded by generous donations.
The project comprises a new entry area, exhibit and education space, event area, and flex space. The exhibit hall showcases murals on three sides and glass on the fourth, creating an underwater ambiance with projected lights. The hall is designed to be flexible, allowing for various uses and movable furniture. The Marine Mammal Center focuses on educating the public about ocean-related environmental issues. The project prioritizes sustainability by avoiding single-use plastic and PVC in the Visitor Center. Elements like display cases and furniture were reused. Despite the Covid pandemic, visitor safety was ensured through check-in procedures and spaced-out exhibits.

Key Team Members

Melissa Pesci, HGA
Shannon McHugh, HGA Principal In Charge
Paulina MacFarland, HGA Interior Designer
Stephanie Houston, HGA Environmental Graphic Designer
Brent Forslin, HGA Environmental Graphic Designer - Structural Engineer
Chad Davies, Davies Imaging Group LLC, Photo Credit