Three Gables


Three Gables

Aidlin Darling Design

Perched on ten acres in the hills overlooking Napa Valley, this contemporary family home is defined by a triad of gable roof structures. After a wildfire decimated their property, the clients were determined to rebuild a modern, resilient home that embraced the area’s agrarian vernacular and the father’s European roots. The family selected a hilltop site filled with oak trees and rock outcroppings that offers panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards and undulating terrain. The home is formed by a triad of structures inspired by the traditional clusters of farm buildings found throughout Napa Valley. Its gable roof references the agrarian vernacular of both Napa Valley and the father’s childhood in the Welsh Countryside. The exterior palette is primarily composed of concrete and steel, both of which are inherently fire-resistant materials. Finely crafted, board-formed concrete makes up the building’s stout base and the majority of its walls. The standing seam metal, gabled roofs shed rainwater and deflect potential sparks blown in from distant fires.

Key Team Members

Architect, Aidlin Darling Design
General Contractor, Grassi and Associates, Inc.
Photographer, Matthew Millman
Structural Engineer, Strandberg Engineering
Lighting Design, Revolver Design
Furniture Selection, StudioM with Aidlin Darling
Design Mechanical Consultant, Monterey Energy Group
Geotechnical Engineer, Herzog Geotechnical
Consulting Engineers Electrical Engineer, Summit Engineering, Inc.
Civil Engineer, Lescure Engineers, Inc.
Surveyor, Jackson and Associates, Inc.
Septic Engineer, RAM Engineering