Transgender Law Center


Transgender Law Center


Collaborating with the Transgender Law Center, IDEO created a series of three inspiring animated videos that share the wisdom of trans leaders. These immersive audio collages are poetic advice centered around three themes: nature, liberation, and time capsule. The videos draw parallels between gender and nature; reflect on what liberation looks, feels, and tastes like; and collect memories to pass on to trans people past, present, and future. From 60 minutes of raw audio, we created three two-minute videos—in a way that felt honest and accessible. Throughout the editing, sound design, visual design, and animation, our goal was to uplift and center the voices of the trans leaders. Our one central principle was: these videos belong to them. The result is both highly curated and intimately human. It centers accessibility not just by including open captions and contrasting colors but by maintaining a gentle pace, refraining from added noise, and selecting quotes that don’t depend on the cultural context or pre-existing knowledge of jargon.

The Transgender Law Center is the largest national trans-led organization. They advocate for a world in which all people are free to define themselves and their futures.

Key Team Members

Brian Janosch , Project Lead and Writer
Nat Pyper , Visual Communication
Claudio Fresneda, Motion
Will Bertke, Sound
Nohemy Stella, Visual Communication
Stuart Getty, Guide
Jamila Janakiram, Guide
Brian Pelsoh, Guide