Unspun’s Infinite Garment Lifecycle


Unspun’s Infinite Garment Lifecycle


Unspun jeans are sci without the fi. Jeans need to be designed and made the unspun way if we are going to stop overusing resources and mindlessly creating waste.

At unspun, we optimize jeans around you by digitally designing around a virtual replica of you. You take a body scan from your phone and can choose personalizations like jean style, fabric, hem-length, waist-rise, and thread color, and then we make your new go-to jeans. You don’t fit it; they fit you. Our design tech has finally enabled a perfect match of you with your jeans.

Using Resortecs thread, which dissolves at 300 degrees Celsius, we can introduce repurposing into our lifecycle: when you are done with your jeans, the thread can be dissolved and the materials reused for another garment. This is too labor-intensive to do otherwise.

The way that these products are made (custom-fit, on-demand, and designed for disassembly) flips how we make clothing on its head. Gone are the days of making products just to landfill them.

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