User Dependent Kinetic Façade


User Dependent Kinetic Façade

Alper Gunduz

The movable glass facade system is considered together with balconies with circular green floors and circular hard floors. The main element of the movable glass facade is the circular glass door module. Each module consists of two quarter circle glass doors. These glass doors can move 360 degrees depending on the embedded rail systems on the ceiling and floor. This movement provides several possibilities for the facade of the building.
The circular balcony can be transformed into an indoor or outdoor space in line with the needs of the user. Thus, the balconies will not be closed and turned into storage areas or idle areas as they are today, but will be associated with the street and the interior.
It will help nature by offering a large green area on the balconies instead of just hard floors. In addition, this circular green floor can be transformed and included both indoors and outdoors depending on the user.
As all these user preferences change from moment to moment, the facade of the building will turn into a living facade, it will almost become a kinetic/moving facade that is formed by itself.

Key Team Members

Alper Gunduz , Designer Architect
Ruya Ozturk , Assistant