Vesper 2


Vesper 2


In a society where self-pleasure is often stigmatized and considered taboo, the act of elevating pleasure products through finely crafted functional adornments that celebrate desire can change one’s experience of pleasure and, most importantly, transform their relationship with their own desires.

Vesper 2 is continuing the legacy of the original Vesper vibrator necklace (2014), an iconic symbol of self-love and pleasure positivity. It has garnered an organic cult-like following that has changed the conversation of pleasure by bringing together personal adornment and intimacy. A stainless steel vibrator pendant that elevates pleasure out of the shadows and creates conversation where ever it goes. Vesper 2 is both an external vibrator and statement jewellery that is now fully waterproof, USB rechargeable, new wave pattern, and available in 2 new colors.

Vesper 2 is made of body-safe materials such as 316 surgical stainless steel and nickel-free plating. Manufactured by CRAVE, with a global supply chain including P.R.C. and Taiwan and final quality control in CRAVE’s micro-factor in San Francisco, California.

Key Team Members

Ti Chang , Industrial Design
Christine Concho , Engineering Lead
Photo Credit, CRAVE