The Waymo Driver


The Waymo Driver


The world’s most experienced driver, the Waymo Driver, is made up of custom-built hardware, including cameras, radars, and lidars, and software designed entirely in-house. It can be applied to multiple vehicle platforms, from SUVs to Class 8 semi trucks. Its latest system was designed to leverage AI and machine learning to address the core requirements needed in perception, prediction, and planning for autonomous driving. The Waymo Driver’s lidars also include 360-degree vision, with cameras that can detect objects up to 500 meters away, as well as moving LEDs, so it can include both Waymo branding and personal identification symbols. Waymo’s designers and engineers collaborated to carefully curate the placement of the Waymo Driver’s sensors to ensure the modules aren’t blocking one another’s field of view, are aerodynamically designed, and look appealing. Because the design of the Waymo Driver is focused on safety it ensures passengers feel comfortable in and around its vehicles.

Key Team Members

Ryan Powell, YooJung Ahn
Lauren Schwendimann, Bruce Mai
Guilherme Villar, Kat Allen
Maria Moon, Paul Lee
Toshi Fujimura, Jared Gross
Jerry Chen, Jinseok Hwang
Zhaokun Wang, Ken Loo
Yi-Hui Bruce-Wen, Ron Polonski
Brett Kurpiewski, Chris Priddy
Jake Saunooke, Kevin Richards
Tom Southworth, Naomi Guthrie
Priya Kamat, Raajat Gupta
So Yeon Park, Taylor Bixby
Kerry Brennan, Benedikt Fischer
Keith Hutchings, Sven Krome