XYZ Studio Shelf


XYZ Studio Shelf

XYZ Studio

The XYZ Studio Shelf joins high design with low impact in a radically flexible approach to furniture. 

The system can assume any number of shapes for display or storage based on a small set of reusable components. The overall shape can be easily modified to explore design alternatives, or adapt to new spaces or needs. A user may, for example, raise or lower the height of a bookcase, re-imagine it as a side table, or adapt it for use in a completely different space. In this way, the XYZ Studio Shelf is durable not just in materials and construction, but also through its design for radical flexibility. 

The immediate result is a system ideal for people seeking adaptability in their home, work, or retail environments. Additionally, because it replaces bespoke, single-use storage with a system of parts with limitless future relevance, the XYZ Studio Shelf reflects a degree of resource efficiency–and environmental sustainability–rarely encountered in contemporary product design. 

Key Team Members

Eric Martin, Product Design and Creative Direction
Mariko Reed, Photography
Monika Kim, Graphic Design
Additional heartfelt thanks to Kristine Martin, Lynn Yang, JP Frary, Marc Virata, Keith Blocher, and Dean Santner for advice and encouragement.