The Zip rebrand was designed by Yu Rong, a Design Lead at CōLab. Yu and the CōLab team created the Zip brand from the ground up including naming, brand strategy, identity design, web design, and systems design.

Zip, formerly Evergreen, is a B2B procurement solution for enterprise companies. Many of Zip’s competitors in the procurement space have uninspired and overly corporate brand expressions. Zip knew they wanted to be different. Cōlab successfully created a confident, modern, and straightforward brand, which allows them to stand out from the competition, as well as genuinely represent what they do and who they are.

The design concept, known internally as “weave-in”, was inspired by the Zip solution itself – an intelligent fiber that weaves in and out of different systems and procurement processes, regardless of company size. CōLab created a color palette consisting of black, white and gray to convey Zip’s confident, bold, and straightforward attributes, and greens to convey a sense of approval, as in “giving the green light.” Once the brand system was complete, CōLab then switched over to redesign the Zip marketing site by creating over 10 different example module templates, in both light and dark mode, that Zip’s internal team could mix and match to create any type of marketing landing page for their site.

Key Team Members

Rujul Zaparde, Co-founder, Zip team
CEO & Co-founder, Lu Cheng, Zip team
Yu Rong, CōLab team
Liza Dunning, CōLab team
Jason Mamaril, CōLab team
Allen Mask, CōLab team

About the organization

Zip is the world's leading intake-to-procure solution. We are based in San Francisco, California.