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Call for Submissions: Virtual Reality Tours

Announcing our newest series:
Revision Virtual Reality Experiences
in partnership with

Calling on Architects, Interior Designers and Digital Artists to submit files of existing work to have your projects included in the ReVision Virtual Series. Attendees will be guided (by you!) through the VR experience. If you have FBX files for models, contact us with the Subject line “ReVision Submission”.

ReVision, created by, is a multi-user immersive design visualization system for designers to produce a compelling visual representation of their designs that can be experienced by multiple users in person or remotely, using a Desktop or a Virtual Reality headset.

We’re offering a limited number of free ReVision instances to selected participants.

Over the course of the coming weeks Reification will support you in the creation of a ReVision immersive visualization for one of your designs. This ReVision system will be usable for you and your guests through June 15th–25th, 2020 and give you training to be able to host your own online VR tours for our attendees.



– Contact us at with the subject line: ReVision Submission.

– Please include a sample file or url showing your work.


– Before beginning the process of creating a ReVision visualization of your design, a training session will be scheduled so that your team can learn how to review ReVision visualizations.

– A half-hour training session for 2 of your team members

– Training times can be from 10am to 6pm from Monday May 25th to Friday May 29th

– In order to ensure that your ReVision visualization is a faithful representation of your design we will provide you with 3 iterations of the ReVision visualization:

(1) A rapid prototype build will be provided within 2 business days of receiving a client model. This should be used to review model content to make any needed changes.

(2) A material prototype build will be provided within 4 business days of receiving a revised client model. In this model lighting inaccuracies (such as intensity, aperture and hue) and material properties (such as transparency, smoothness and texture) should be reviewed.

(3) A final build will be provided within 4 business days of receiving the requested material adjustments.

– A concluding training session will be scheduled so that your team can practice guiding your guests through your ReVision.

– A half-hour training session for the same 2 team members

– Training times can be from 10am to 6pm from Monday June 8th to Friday June 12th

– A dedicated Slack channel will be created for each of our clients where you can reach Reification team members throughout our time collaborating.


When preparing your model for conversion to ReVision, please keep in mind that some information should be EXCLUDED:

– Mechanical clearances, non-visible infrastructure and non-physical graphical elements should be removed

– Only static models are supported at present – movement, audio and video will not be included in your ReVision

– Some optical effects are not yet supported, including precise reflection and refraction

– Light sources should be included, with units of lumens

– The model itself should be scaled to units of meters

The ReVision system works with FBX files for models, and PNG or JPEG files for textures. If the FBX export process is unfamiliar (or is not successful) we would be happy to schedule a screen-sharing call to provide assistance. If the Reification team is unable to use models as initially provided we will schedule a call with you to find a way forwards.

Revit ONLY: In the case of designs made in Revit we request that you instead share a detached central model with the Reification team. The detached central model must include one 3D view to be converted to the ReVision system. The Reification team will handle converting the Revit model to ReVision.

The Reification team uses the end-to-end encrypted file sharing service Sync. At the start of our collaboration we will create a shared folder for you, which will require the creation of a Sync account to access. All files shared with Reification, and all iterations of the ReVision visualization will be available in these folders.

Before the start of SF Design Week, the Reification team will create a download page solely for your ReVision application. This page will be available through the end of SF Design Week on June 26th.

Reification is compatible with Virtual Reality Headsets using Oculus or SteamVR frameworks for Windows 10. For the best experience we recommend:

– Valve Index
– HTC Vive models
– PiMax models
– Oculus Rift
– Windows Mixed Reality models (via Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR)
– Stand-alone Virtual Reality Headsets (e.g. Oculus Quest) are NOT supported.

Desktop use is supported for Windows 10 and MacOS. When using ReVision on a desktop – for both Windows and MacOS – headphones and a 2 button mouse with scroll wheel are recommended.

Minimum system requirements vary with model complexity. The following system specifications are recommended, but not required:

– Reliable internet connection with at least 25 MB/s download and 3 MB/s upload and
– A GPU at least equivalent to an NVidia 1060 series
– A CPU at least equivalent to a Intel 4-core i7
– 2 GB or Ram
– 500 MB space for the ReVision application

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