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Looking Closer

We are constantly shaping the world around us. From the buildings we work in to the roads we used to arrive at them, from the tools that we work with to the ways we unwind—nearly everything that surrounds us has been designed. And, as it often should, much of this great design amidst us goes unnoticed. So much so, that we rarely consider the stories and process behind it.

San Francisco Design Week is a window into this—a chance to discover and discuss these essential, yet often unconsidered pieces of our world.

SFDW, produced by AIGA and partnered with AIA, IDSa, IxDA, ASId, SDN, SEGD, SFMMA, YBCA, the Italian Cultural Institute, California Academy of Sciences and the Center for Architecture + Design, is pleased to announce that Character SF has been invited to unveil the essence of design in the Bay Area.

Throughout the coming months, a series of visuals will unfold to demonstrate the thoughtful and complex structure behind what’s widely seamless, or even invisible in our daily lives.

The 2015 Looking Closer campaign is a metaphor for the design process, representing the thought and complexity behind objects that go unnoticed. SF Design Week shines a light on design, making the often invisible visible. Let’s look closer with Character SF in the coming months that lead up to SFDW!

SFDW would also like to thank MANUAL and Tom Crabtree for their generous support in creating the SFDW identity and the design assets for the past three years.

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