Bridging the First and Last-mile: Designing Multimodal Transportation Experiences

Improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation is Lyft’s mission for one clear reason — transportation is a critical source of economic and social mobility, but car ownership is failing our communities. In order to further this mission, we’re focused on bridging the first and last-mile gap, while also providing more affordable options that reduce congestion

Design for Education: The Future of Learning

Quizlet is excited to host a panel of product and design experts to discuss the future of global education and technology’s role in it. As digitally-savvy students enter the education system, or are looking for learning alternatives, they need learning tools that will support their growth, offer a high level of interaction, and help equalize

An Evening with Google Design

Join a group of designers from around Google’s UX teams discussing their own paths to design, and sharing insightful examples and case studies of projects they’ve worked on. Through their experiences, get a glimpse of how UX and design work at Google’s scale; from research to interaction design, or UX writing and visual design. After

Universal Inclusive and Accessible Product Design

The primary function of design is to make something useful. Unfortunately, many digital products out on the market now have been developed without universal accessibility in mind. As designers, we have a unique opportunity to help shape the next generation of inclusive and accessible technology. In this SFDW panel, we will discuss the important role

Design Bento: design snacks and hacks

At this year’s SF Design Week, DocuSign is going to offer participants a glimpse into real-world product problem-solving. At DocuSign, we use the “3 In a Box” framework where designers, product managers and engineers work together through all product decisions. This can prove challenging at times but have no fear we will share our journey

Building Accessible Design Systems

Join us for an evening of design talks on how to evolve design systems to be inclusive, accessible, and empowering for all users and cross-functional teams. Design systems leaders will share their methods and learnings on how to design a system around situations, how quality principles and guidelines adapt, why accessibility, legibility, and tap targets