Public Speaking Essentials: Crafting a Talk

Whether presenting at a conference or talking about your work, public speaking is a critical skill for designers. Join us for an interactive workshop to learn an essential part of public speaking: how to craft a compelling talk. We’ll share a framework you can use to prepare for any presentation, teach you how to use

Design & Make Studio Workshop

The Autodesk Gallery Celebrates The Future of Making See how design shapes the world, from the buildings we live and work in, to the machines that propel us forward, to the products that enrich our everyday experiences. Experience what it’s like to take an idea from design through fabrication using Autodesk design tools. Go from

Creating a Community Pathway to Design: Design-a-thon

Inneract Project is launching its second annual Design-a-thon, a 4-day hackathon style sprint, pairing professional designers with IP students to address a community challenge through design. This year, Google, eBay, and Adobe are joining the IP family! The week will culminate in a 2019 Inneract Project Student Showcase, where the teams will present their projects,

Designing Human-Centered AI Products

What is the role we as designers play in building artificial intelligence-driven products that are human-centered, ethical, and inclusive? Google’s People + AI Research team (PAIR) invites you to a workshop to help you gain a stronger understanding of how to approach design for AI. We will share insights from the newly published People+AI Guidebook,

Opportunities at the Intersection: Social Impact and Tech

Join us for a moderated discussion with Jim Wicks, director of the MS Engineering Design Innovation program at Northwestern University, and senior innovation leaders from several transformative organizations. The group will discuss strategic partnerships between nonprofits and tech sector companies as a model for managing design innovation, incubation and external development for social good. For

UX Careers: Turning Points, Mistakes, and Lessons

Zenefits’ design team members will talk about their journeys to Zenefits; each one will share career turning points/milestones and mistakes/lessons. Food and drinks are included in this event. We will also offer 30 mins of our time for free career consultations through a raffle for people who come to the event! Casey Busher – Marketing

Building your online presence as a Designer using LinkedIn & more

Are you currently looking for a new job or want to improve your online brand presence? If so, come participate in our career coaching workshop to learn more about how LinkedIn can help improve your personal career goals! The workshop will teach you about the different products within LinkedIn and how to make the most

Looking Back to Move Forward – Ancient Design Methods with New Technology

Many ancient design methods can provide modern solutions when combined with new materials and tech. All tickets include a tour of Oru HQ, coffee, light snacks a kayaking experience on the San Francisco Bay. Lead designer Anton Willis will share how an article about a physicist studying the mathematics of origami inspired the first Oru

Design for Education: The Future of Learning

Quizlet is excited to host a panel of product and design experts to discuss the future of global education and technology’s role in it. As digitally-savvy students enter the education system, or are looking for learning alternatives, they need learning tools that will support their growth, offer a high level of interaction, and help equalize

The Conversation Design Workshop

Great Actions are conversations. Conversational, natural language interfaces are emerging as a powerful new way for people to interact with digital services. In order to design a natural user interface, we need to apply a human-centered design approach. Research by Stanford professor Clifford Nass shows that people converse with computers in much the same way

Design is [Audible]

Design is […] is Google’s monthly speaker series in San Francisco, and we invite you to join us this month for a special SFDW edition of the event. Featuring respected innovators from diverse fields, each talk explores a different theme at the intersection of creativity, technology, and ethics, and this month we’ll be hearing from

Elefint + The Art of Living

One of the most valuable skills designers can have is the ability to maintain poise regardless of what comes our way. We have to produce, turn harsh feedback into something actionable, create within constraints, and empathize with even the most difficult of people. All of this takes time, energy, increased capacity, and the ability to

Design Bento: design snacks and hacks

At this year’s SF Design Week, DocuSign is going to offer participants a glimpse into real-world product problem-solving. At DocuSign, we use the “3 In a Box” framework where designers, product managers and engineers work together through all product decisions. This can prove challenging at times but have no fear we will share our journey

Building Accessible Design Systems

Join us for an evening of design talks on how to evolve design systems to be inclusive, accessible, and empowering for all users and cross-functional teams. Design systems leaders will share their methods and learnings on how to design a system around situations, how quality principles and guidelines adapt, why accessibility, legibility, and tap targets

The Dirty Secrets of Design

What’s the day-to-day like for a creative director? How do you get to be an iconic icon designer? What’s the biggest mistake you can make and still have a job? Join a panel of Pinterest’s design team for an evening of real talk about everything from our secret design crushes to our biggest cringe-fest fails.