PUMA: This is what happens when you begin to understand your consumers

The age of “get what we have” is over. Brands used to interact with their customers only episodically; attract potential buyers, convince them to make a purchase and goodbye. Today, thanks to new technologies, we can listen and understand customer on an individual basis, and respond to their needs & desires with custom tailored experiences.

Public Speaking Essentials: Crafting a Talk

Whether presenting at a conference or talking about your work, public speaking is a critical skill for designers. Join us for an interactive workshop to learn an essential part of public speaking: how to craft a compelling talk. We’ll share a framework you can use to prepare for any presentation, teach you how to use

Intersectional Craftswomxnship — heart, soul, materials, play, ethics, form, inclusion

Join us for an intersectional narrative of womxn discussing shaping experiences, theory, research, material science, couture, AI/ethics, game mechanics, UX, and industrial product design principles. This powerhouse panel is moderated by: Ana Arriola GM & Partner, AI+ Research at Microsoft PANELISTS: – Safiya Umoja Noble Ph.D Associate Professor, UCLA Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Southern

STUDIO CRAWL JUNE 28: Mission, SoMa, Dogpatch, Potrero Hill

Studio Crawl is a two-night event during which guests meet the designers and creators behind some of the city’s most admired products, designs, and brands. Studio Crawl is held at various architecture and design studios, shops, galleries and startups around San Francisco allowing studios to share their products and projects to professionals and design enthusiasts.

From thinking to making

Sometimes you have to make something before you can truly imagine it. Join Principal Jarin Tabata, Creative Director Karishma Sheth, and Senior Designer Takuo Fukuda for a look behind the curtain of how consultancy SYPartners brings human-led transformation to some of the most influential companies in the world. During this session, Jarin, Karishma, and Takuo

When Your Engineers Decide to Rewrite Your Entire App…

It can be a UX designer’s dream: Your engineering lead comes to you and declares “This app has too much debt and it’s slowing us down. We’re going to rewrite the entire thing in a new technology.” Suddenly you have an enthusiastic partner who will solve their need (speed of development) while enabling a higher

Bots are coming: Designing with AI

When will computers be making design decisions? When will emerging tech tear the fabric of the design process of today? We’ll examine the present and future impact of customer research and design thinking/tools on algorithms, conversational UI, dynamic/data driven interfaces, and other technologies. Our moderated panel discussions will be comprised of industry thought leaders in

Designing for a two-sided marketplace

At Affirm, we’re using today’s technology to bring significant disruptive innovation to the financial industry. We focus on improving the lives of consumers by delivering simple, honest and transparent financial products. Join our design and research team for drinks followed by a conversation on how the mission of delivering honest finance drives our product initiatives

Creating a Community Pathway to Design: Design-a-thon

Inneract Project is launching its second annual Design-a-thon, a 4-day hackathon style sprint, pairing professional designers with IP students to address a community challenge through design. This year, Google, eBay, and Adobe are joining the IP family! The week will culminate in a 2019 Inneract Project Student Showcase, where the teams will present their projects,

Conversational UI and Emerging Role of UX Design Producer

Join us to explore the principles of use conversational ui to make your user interact more naturally with the interface. In this session, we will explore ways how a user can interact with an interface in a similar manner how they interact with other humans. Also, Learn who UX Design Producers are, who they typically

Designing for the Rest of the World @Adobe

A common challenge for U.S. companies is providing design experiences that recognize the cultural differences of customers in other countries. A typical mistake is a form of global consistency where the rest of the world is treated like North America. The panel of international design experts will share in-depth the common processes and solutions they’ve

Hello! Alibaba Design

Alibaba Group was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, and now reaches users in more than 240 countries and regions. Alibaba Design consists of more than 2,000 designers and 40 design teams of Alibaba Group, including the design teams across Taobao, Tmall, Fliggy, International User Experience, Ant Financial, Alibaba Cloud, AliMama, CaiNiao Logistics, Alibaba Enternainment,

Lattes, Data, and Design

Let’s talk data. How do you design for data? How do you design *with* data? How does qualitative or quantitative research play a role in your work? Are you data-informed, or data-driven? At Segment, we’re thinking about these questions all the time. We’ve learned a ton along the way, and still have ways to go.

Opportunities at the Intersection: Social Impact and Tech

Join us for a moderated discussion with Jim Wicks, director of the MS Engineering Design Innovation program at Northwestern University, and senior innovation leaders from several transformative organizations. The group will discuss strategic partnerships between nonprofits and tech sector companies as a model for managing design innovation, incubation and external development for social good. For

Revolutionizing the future of restaurants through design and technology

Bringing technology to restaurants doesn’t mean sacrificing the human experience. eatsa’s innovative end-to-end restaurant Platform is changing the way restaurants operate and how they engage with their customers. eatsa’s multi-disciplinary design team will share how they’ve designed user-centered experiences for restaurants in the digital era. The event will be hosted at their corporate office where

UX Careers: Turning Points, Mistakes, and Lessons

Zenefits’ design team members will talk about their journeys to Zenefits; each one will share career turning points/milestones and mistakes/lessons. Food and drinks are included in this event. We will also offer 30 mins of our time for free career consultations through a raffle for people who come to the event! Casey Busher – Marketing

Designing for the Classroom & Beyond

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Designers working in K-12 education create experiences for multiple audiences (students, teachers, administrators, and parents) and for different contexts (school, home, and more). How do they do it? Join us to find out the answers with leaders in the Edtech design community. We’ll have a series of short

20 Years of Design

Idean, a global design agency originally from Finland, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In this event, we’ll be looking back at the past 20 years in design – and forward – about its ability to make an impact by defining new products, services, and experiences. We will have a happy hour celebrating and showcasing some

Designing the Future of Connected Family Living

From the Intelligent Home Experience to AI Educational Tools, the future of family life is being pushed to new levels of technological reliance and connectivity. How we design devices and systems has a tremendous influence on people at every age. Technology is increasingly helping define the culture of our very first community — our family.

Studio Tour with Model No.

Go behind the scenes at Model No., the brand new 3D printed, configurable furniture company. We will show you how our furniture is 3D printed in house, full scale and out of our custom bio-resin. At Model No., we’ve developed unique processes using additive manufacturing to create elegantly designed objects, and deliver highly customizable and

Design for Education: The Future of Learning

Quizlet is excited to host a panel of product and design experts to discuss the future of global education and technology’s role in it. As digitally-savvy students enter the education system, or are looking for learning alternatives, they need learning tools that will support their growth, offer a high level of interaction, and help equalize

Designing for a Global Audience

Creating a cross-cultural user experience requires extensive research into how a culture has influenced government and politics, technology, communication, and societal and personal values and beliefs. Information may be limited or restricted due to governmental policies. A country may have unique ways of using technology that can be leveraged, such as the concept of “missed

Universal Inclusive and Accessible Product Design

The primary function of design is to make something useful. Unfortunately, many digital products out on the market now have been developed without universal accessibility in mind. As designers, we have a unique opportunity to help shape the next generation of inclusive and accessible technology. In this SFDW panel, we will discuss the important role

Design Bento: design snacks and hacks

At this year’s SF Design Week, DocuSign is going to offer participants a glimpse into real-world product problem-solving. At DocuSign, we use the “3 In a Box” framework where designers, product managers and engineers work together through all product decisions. This can prove challenging at times but have no fear we will share our journey

Building Accessible Design Systems

Join us for an evening of design talks on how to evolve design systems to be inclusive, accessible, and empowering for all users and cross-functional teams. Design systems leaders will share their methods and learnings on how to design a system around situations, how quality principles and guidelines adapt, why accessibility, legibility, and tap targets

Why tech companies invest in brand design?

Hand-in-hand with the rise of digital transformation comes a changing role and meaning for brand design in the tech space. In this month’s meetup, we are pulling together experts in brand design from Pinterest, Dropbox, and Cloudflare to better understand how brand extends beyond visual identity and into aspects of a company’s values and vision.

Pulling Off The Impossible Takes More Than Conceptual Thinking

If you had to solve the most impossibly complex client challenge what would be your first step as a designer? What technology would you use if there were no constraints? Come find out how our band of misfits solve ambiguous challenges using strategic insight, authentic storytelling, interactive design and ground-breaking technology for some of the

Adobe UX Creative Jam

Please join us for a Creative Jam focused on UX Design. The Adobe Creative Cloud team will host the Creative Jam presentations. This one-hour design showcase highlights the work of 3 local creative leaders. At the same time, Designers will be competing in the Creative Jam tournament, a 3-hour design charrette showdown. FREE Entry, but

Designing for AR in Healthcare: A Guerrilla Design Workshop

We’d like to invite you to explore with us the future of augmented reality (AR) in the healthcare industry. After a brief introduction to AR design, attendees will be split into small teams and given a design challenge and 90 minutes to ideate, design, and prototype a solution. When time is up, each team will

Crafting a Meaningful Trade Show Experience

Join our expert panelists in a lively discussion about interactive and environmental design for trade show environments. What goes into creating an engaging user experience for a trade show attendee? How should design balance stakeholders’ goals, booth vendor requirements, and design best practices to create an exhibit that meets everyone’s needs? We’ll answer these questions