Workshop: Avoiding gender bias in voice assistant design DAY 2

UNESCO’s 2019 report, entitled “I’d Blush If I Could,” claims that voice assistants propagate harmful gender biases, such as reinforcing that women should be in subservient roles, while media coverage and research continue to argue that tech companies need to do better. As a reflection of the brand, the agent’s personality is a critical component

What is conversation design?

During this event, we will go through the basics of conversation design, in particular: – What is conversation design – Examples of successful conversational interfaces: The Google Assistant, Alexa, Slack bots – What is a conversation design pattern – Happy path: The basic conversation design pattern – Repair path: The second pattern you want to

Designing the Future of Music Presents: New bridges to music and each other through reimagination

Join pioneering recording artists Frankie Cosmos and Spencer Tweedy followed by experimental hip hop group Clipping in an examination of their independent paths through risk, creative process, and discovery. Where individual agency in adaptive methodology can engender new possibilities in uncovering musical connections, unlocking individual creativity, sensory experiences, emotional and cultural engagement. This event is

Designing the Future of Music Presents: The look, sound and feel of expression, artistry, and connection

Four exceptional guests examine the capacity of design to open doors and enhance connection to a diverse spectrum of human experiences through radically different paths and disciplines. Grammy Award Winning rapper, producer and creative force, Ishmael Butler of Digable Planets and Shabazz Palaces is joined in conversation by Nep Sidhu artist, designer and member of

Designing Product Pivots

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many teams are facing the challenge of product pivots. Join us to explore how designers at IBM use Enterprise Design Thinking principles to pivot product directions and create a meaningful user experience. In this session, IBM designers will give a series of quick lightning-talk presentations about how they use

Strategic Foresight: examining the past + present to explore what’s next

Being prepared for the future is more important than ever before. How does using strategic foresight impact the value fo design? By identifying emerging trends, we can map insights to possible future scenarios and support decision-making in the present. Our team will discuss how to incorporate futures thinking into business, so you can enable yourself

Designing for Inclusive Experiences

Explore the ways that design can address inclusion, accessibility, and engage more diverse audiences. A team at frog SF recently had the honor of being introduced to and collaborating with Sina Bahram, President and Founder of Prime Access Consulting and a President Barack Obama White House Champion of Change, and Corey Timpson, Principal at Corey

The Future of IC Leadership: a panel discussion with the Lyft Design team

In this panel conversation with senior Individual Contributors of the Lyft Design Team, we will discuss the career paths and changing world of IC Leadership within product teams. As designers progress in their career they typically move into management, but not everyone became a designer to manage people. The growing desire to focus purely on

The Future of Public Space: Neighborhoods as a Multiverse

The current state of affairs have significantly altered our understanding of civic engagement, work, mobility, and the essential use of shared space. What can we learn from the ways in which folks are now sharing public and private spaces? What are the possible outcomes for our neighborhoods- in particular, how can community resilience and equity

The Boundaries of Flow

Our lives are in perpetual interplay with the natural systems around us. Throughout the history of our species, Flow is a natural state that we have always sought to incorporate into our lives, from ancient practices like yoga and tai-chi, to the increasingly valuable flow state of focus and clarity. We’ve begun harnessing the diverse

Validating Ideas for Emerging Interfaces

Curious about new emerging technologies and how they can be used to propel your ideas? Join us at our event to hear about how industry thought leaders apply new interfaces to their products, and their methods to rapidly validate solutions. Who is this event for? Our emerging interfaces event is open to current designers of

Designing for research vs. production

The challenge many product teams face is losing focus of their users. When we’re working against deadlines it’s easy to get lost in the details of roadmaps and timelines, prioritizing these over research and data collection. However, forgetting what matters most, the people you’re building for, could mean you build a solution that your user

Overcoming new challenges with flexible design

At Honor, our job as designers is to transform complex systems into straightforward and seamless user experiences for several audiences, from designing for caregivers and families receiving care, to building tools for our internal teammates. In addition to a highly collaborative work style, we’ve found that a philosophy of embracing the chaos and putting flexibility

Designing with Optimism

Core to being a designer is the ability to envision beyond the way things are, to the highest potential of how they could be. There’s no doubt that the last few months have brought uncertainty, sadness, and adversity upon us. Yet, this moment is also full of opportunities to improve our products, experiences, and systems-our

The Design Futures Lab at California College of the Arts presents: Prompts, strategies, and tactics to help you think beyond the now

Learn new ways to start/spark/transform your creative process and your capacity to ‘future-think’. 4 leading practitioners (and CCA educators!) working in futures, design + foresight will each present a design prompt/strategy/tactic they have used to move beyond a near-term mentality. These presentations will be followed by a short and lively conversation about building mental flexibility

Moving Beyond Screens: Embedding Technology in Physical Spaces

An informal conversation between Joty Dhaliwal and Matt Hexemer about moving dynamic narratives traditionally expressed through screen-based UX into spatial environments. We will touch upon the nuances of designing in each of these environments. The current global pandemic has resulted in a surge in screen-based interaction, we will consider what this has brought up for

Public Speaking for Designers: Presenting Online Edition

Whether speaking at a conference or presenting your work in a team meeting, public speaking is a critical skill for designers. And now, more than ever before, we need to be able to present online. Feel intimidated? You’re not alone. Join Women Talk Design for a workshop to learn tools and techniques to set you

Pleasure, sex, and safe-abortion: Designing around taboo topics

Wake up with YLabs! Grab your morning beverage of choice and prepare to get your creative juices flowing. In this virtual show-and-tell, you’ll hear from YLabs designers as they share stories and insights from our projects around the world. We’ve worked with young people, religious leaders, and government stakeholders to understand, explore, and design for

DocuSign x SFDW

Event Schdedule 10:00am – 10:05am Introduction Lightning Talks // IDENTITY VERIFICATION AND RESEARCH // 10:05am – 10:20am “Keeping Your Users Engaged While They Wait” Identity Verification will be a $12.8 billion market by 2024, and DocuSign happens to be one of the design teams dedicated to a fast-growing IDV product. This is a story about

Workshop: Avoiding gender bias in voice assistant design DAY 1

UNESCO’s 2019 report, entitled “I’d Blush If I Could,” claims that voice assistants propagate harmful gender biases, such as reinforcing that women should be in subservient roles, while media coverage and research continue to argue that tech companies need to do better. As a reflection of the brand, the agent’s personality is a critical component

A Dichotomy: Designing for Technical and Non-technical Users

Data is a team sport. From marketers and product managers, to analysts and engineers – different roles within an organization are using data to succeed. But how do you design tools that enable an entire team to succeed? How do you provide flexibility for technical teammates, while offering non-technical ones simplicity? What does it even

Designing our way through uncertain times

We’re in a moment of unprecedented change. We’ve paused co-located work, we’re not able to see our co-workers or our users in person, to experience collaboration and user needs first hand. And some of us are in the midst of looking for new opportunities as recently growing industries have experienced a sharp contraction. While we

Releasing The Screen: True Immersion

FMU is hosting a reflexive experience for SF Design Week. A journey through three virtual rooms will lead attendees to come together while discovering themselves. Sound art, storytelling, and poetry come together for a new take at what a breakout session means. Let us question your journey and inspire your present. Join us if you’re

UX Portfolio Reviews: Interactive Session and Expert Panel

We will discuss different aspects of pursuing a career in Interaction Design, with a special focus on creating great portfolios. You’ll hear from hiring managers on what they expect to see in portfolios, and you’ll be able to ask questions. At the beginning, we will gather briefly to meet and greet each other and then

Burst the Bubble

Creative expression will always come from people, not machines. The tech takeover in the Bay Area has created powerful effects across the landscapes of art and design, and while daily life runs on tech there are areas in which traditional methods cannot be superseded. Astro Studios, together with Dawline-Jane Oni-Esele, Tracy Piper, and Shane Izykowski,