The Future of IC Leadership: a panel discussion with the Lyft Design team

In this panel conversation with senior Individual Contributors of the Lyft Design Team, we will discuss the career paths and changing world of IC Leadership within product teams. As designers progress in their career they typically move into management, but not everyone became a designer to manage people. The growing desire to focus purely on

The Boundaries of Flow

Our lives are in perpetual interplay with the natural systems around us. Throughout the history of our species, Flow is a natural state that we have always sought to incorporate into our lives, from ancient practices like yoga and tai-chi, to the increasingly valuable flow state of focus and clarity. We’ve begun harnessing the diverse

SPOTLIGHT WITH ZAHID SARDAR: Henrybuilt Founder Scott Hudson

In the age of Amazon Prime, hand-crafted products are being edged out of the market. Entrepreneur Scott Hudson, founder of Henrybuilt, a Seattle-based manufacturer of beautifully crafted, customizable kitchen and whole house systems, and a freestanding furniture line, shares his insights with acclaimed design editor Zahid Sardar in a new webcast series, “SPOTLIGHT WITH ZAHID

Promoting Inclusion Through Design

Abstract: The Art of Design goes beyond visuals into the science and philosophy that drives the visionaries who shape our culture-and humanity’s future. The show explores gender and racial identity, the climate crisis, and social media ethics through the lens of design. For Cas Holman, design is a form of activism. A queer toy designer