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Design Rocks! Music as Design Inspiration

As designers, we’re constantly asked to create, but where does creativity come from? How can we spark new and more innovative ideas? What even IS inspiration? Let’s explore these questions together in an interdisciplinary chat about inspiration through the lens of music. With the intention to refresh your creative spirit and enliven your imagination, we’re

The Art of Kitchen Design: A Celebration of Creativity, Innovation, and Lifestyle

Overview: Join us for an immersive experience into the world of kitchen design and lifestyle. Our event, "The Art of Kitchen Design," is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and lifestyle. From the latest design concepts to cutting-edge technology, we will showcase how kitchen design can be elevated to an art form. Our event will also

Nonfiction & Material ConneXion Open Studio

You're invited to our studio + material library conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco. Come hear from hosts Phnam and Mardis Bagley (Co-Founders and Creative Directors, Nonfiction) as they share the surprising plot twists that have happened as we've designed products and services - and firm - over the past seven years. Come

Design Soup – Multidisciplinary Design Showcase – Open Studio

Join us for a tasting of design in all its physical forms, with hardware, physical products, furniture, architecture, and art on display at Studio 45. This is an open showcase for the professional creative community to demo physical objects. We’ll have both Studio 45 members share their work as well as an open call for

Dynamic Minds, Brilliant Creativity: AIDLIN DARLING AND BAMO

"Dynamic Minds, Brilliant Creativity" Led by Best-selling author of 25 books on design and architecture, Instagram influencer, design lecturer and instructor, and founder of THE STYLE SALONISTE blog, Diane Dorrans Saek, this year's expanded interior designer program follows on the great success of last year's program. The program offers a rare opportunity to tour top