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HERO Index: Put your $ where your heart is with HERO Index – How an intern team crafted a new platform that helps people invest in companies doing good

Virtual Event Virtual Event

HERO Index: See highlights of the team's process and ultimate design solutions for HERO Index, an all-in-one research tool to assist people in investing in companies that positively impact human rights and the environment. Then enjoy a fireside chat with the visionary behind HERO Index, members of the intern research + design team, and their


Unveiling Industrial Craft’s Design Studio, Retail Store and Workshop

Industrial Craft 605 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA

Join us for an evening discussing the intersection of a multi-disciplined design studio and a retail store in one location. We will be showcasing our own projects - a new tea set and a connected device, micro mobility project. Join us for a tour of the store and the studio and stay to chat over


Design Principles for Actionable Ethics

frog design 427 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA

Workshop + Happy Hour: Equitable and ethical design principles should guide our everyday decisions, but they can get lofty and aspirational quickly. Please join us on this experiment to review and edit an ever-evolving set of decision-making principles together. In this workshop, we will break into groups and apply them to retrospectively propose some alternative


Sustainability through the lens of UX

Virtual Event Virtual Event

How do we design a world that works better that for all of us? When we think of 'sustainability,' we think of efforts that support and maintain our environment. Although, Sustainability has three pillars; environmental, economic, and social. Getting the balance right between all three is central to truly sustainable development; issues are interconnected and


Breathing Life into the Built Environment

Habitat Horticulture 1038 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Habitat Horticulture creates and sustains distinctive living walls and botanic installations that transform the spaces they inhabit. Founded in 2010 by horticultural pioneer and artist David Brenner, our mission is to produce awe-inspiring plant-centric spaces that cultivate and deepen our connection with nature and enliven the built environment. The name Habitat Horticulture comes from our