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Diane Dorrans Saeks

We will tour these two inspiring studios to see current work on the books, and well as to understand how thesevery diverse top designers work, collaborate, and how design happens. As we meet these leading designers and tour their exciting and very different studios, we discuss new design directions, creativity, new ideas, and design inspiration.


Shapeshifting Stories

Stories Make Us, Tiny Publishings 1445 Lake Street Unit 302, San Francisco

We invite you to retell San Francisco through a hybrid, game-like storytelling event. Wander around the city, and follow the steps. This is not an event but an experience attendees take throughout the city during the day. IN PERSON FORMAT (you can do it anytime throughout the day at your own pace) 1) Pick a


Women in Leadership & Design (WILD) Vision Board Party


We are rebooting the Women in Leadership & Design (WILD) community through a virtual vision boarding party during SF Design Week. Vision boarding is an inspiring creative tool for designing a better, more intentional future — a major part of both SFDW’s and WILD’s reasons for being. When we give our hopes, dreams, and wishes