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Indigenous Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that this design festival is taking place throughout the unceded territory of California home to nearly 200 tribal nations. As we begin this event, we acknowledge and honor the original inhabitants of our various regions. On these lands colonizers committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, stole land, and forced the removal of the original inhabitants.

We make this land acknowledgement as a critical step towards working with native communities to secure meaningful partnership and inclusion in the stewardship and protection of their cultural resources and homelands. Let’s take a moment to honor these ancestral grounds that we are collectively gathered upon and which this virtual event is produced, where many of us work, do business, learn, live and support the resilience and strength that all Indigenous people have shown worldwide.

Our offices are located in San Francisco which is on the traditional unceded territory of the Ramaytush, Ohlone and Muwekma. San Francisco Design Week is a regional event that takes place throughout The Bay Area which also includes Chochenyo, Tamien, Graton Rancheria, Me-Wuk, Patwin, Yokuts territories.

San Francisco Design Week honors the past, present and future of indigenous people not only here but around the world and wish to pay respect to local elders, including those of the lands from which you are joining us virtually today.

We know that a Land acknowledgment alone is not enough.

How can we take action to support Indigenous communities as creative individuals, orgs and businesses?


• Support Indigenous organizations by donating your time and/or money or ask your co-workers founders or design managers to donate time or money. Additional resources on organizations below.

• Support Indigenous-led grassroots change movements and campaigns. Encourage others to do so.

• Commit to returning land. Local, state, and federal governments around the world are currently returning land to Indigenous people. Individuals are returning their land, too.

• If you own a design business that operates in the Bay Area, consider adding an Indigenous or Native Land Tax to your invoices, (similar to an Equity Tax) that you pass on as a donation to a local tribal organization or program. Contact local tribal council leaders before collecting donations and consult with your accountant/CPA or professional before adding to your invoices.

NOTE: If you want to partner with a Native nation, go directly to their Tribal council leaders. Elected Tribal council leaders make laws for and govern their sovereign nations. They’re in the best position to consent to receiving donations for their nation. Follow the nation’s guidelines for contacting Tribal council members and find this information on a nation’s website.


  • Native Land
  • Land Reparations & Indigenous Solidarity Toolkit
  • Muwekma Ohlone Tribal Council
  • Tamien Nation of Santa Clara
  • The Association of Ramaytush Ohlone
  • Sogoreate Te’ Land Trust: Led by Urban Indigenous Women
  • News From Native California
  • California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center

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