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International Design Weeks: September Edition

This month things are kicking into gear with a few of our favorite international design weeks! If you are traveling around the globe in one of these regions (for work or for pleasure), be sure to pop in and check out a few events.

Dawn Zidonis, Executive Director of San Francisco Design Week and Vice President of World Design Weeks, travels to various international design weeks and offers “Design Weeks are a great way to gather inspiration from other cultures and trends but also the best way to experience a city which is through the lens of design.”

Where are we off to next? Book your travel plans and join us as we head to Design Week Mexico, October 10–14th, 2018 in Mexico City. Mexico City has been named the World Design Capital under the premise of socially responsible design.

Check out Dawn’s other top picks for the month of September below:

Sao Paulo Design Weekend
August 29–September 2, 2018

The DW! São Paulo Design Weekend is an urban festival that aims to promote design culture and its connections with architecture, art, decoration, urbanism, social inclusion, business and technological innovation. Launched in 2012.

Helsinki Design Week
September 6–13th, 2018

Helsinki Design Week, the largest design festival of the Nordic countries, presents the new faces and phenomena of design, promotes design internationally in collaboration with various partners and offers city citizens through design a forum to participate in developing and discussing the city and its culture. The festival programme contains around 250 events every year, and includes both events targeted for professionals and the general public.

London Design Festival
September 15th–23rd, 2018

London Design Festival celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world, was launched in 2003. This year, of interest is the Snøhetta installation: Celebrating Paddington Central’s first year as a Design Route at the London Design Festival, the design practice Snøhetta created a rotating book pavilion for British Land. Snøhetta wanted to create a project that would reimagine the traditional principles of a library through a mechanized pavilion that generates varied spatial types. Designed for visitors to immerse themselves into a world of books, the pavilion encourages exploration, interaction and reflection.

Bejing Design Week
September 23–30th, 2018

With a theme of “design 2020” discussions and events will take place about the connections between design, people, businesses and the city. Previous topics have included “Eco-civilization”, “Smart Life”, “Livable City”, “Rejuvenation of Urban Commerce”, “Transformation of Urban Functions”, “Design Consumption”, “Upgrading of Manufacturing”, “Design Service”, “the Type, Quality and Brand of Industrial Consumer Goods”. Launched in 2009.

Don’t forget!

Book your October travel plans to include Design Week Mexico!

Design Week Mexico
October 10–14th, 2018
Mexico City
Mexico City World Design Capital 2018

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