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Introducing the Plot Twister

As an extension of this year’s theme, our partner, Pact, collaborated with creative coder Kiel Mutschelknaus to design an interactive twist creation tool: the Plot Twister.

In real life and throughout the creative process, there are plot twists. The Plot Twister was created to provide Community Hosts a playground that allows for the creation of an endless variety of unexpected turns and outcomes that they can use to promote their events and share their perspectives. 

Keep up with all their twists and turns by following @sfdesignweek and by searching for the hashtag #sfdwplottwister

If you’re an approved Community Host for SF Design Week 2023, you’ll receive access to this browser-based tool. We encourage you to create your own plot twists to share out and use to promote your event. We look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Sorry, the twister tool is not available for attendees.


The Plot Twister is a creative collaboration between Pact and Kiel Mutschelknaus.

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