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Letterform Archive Exhibit: Subscription to Mischief: Graffiti Zines of the 1990s

Letterform Archive announces Subscription to Mischief: Graffiti Zines of the 1990s, a new exhibition exploring 1990s indie graffiti zines and original works by graffiti writers of the era, on view beginning May 6, 2023.

Letterform Archive is a nonprofit center for inspiration, education, publishing & community. We hold physical and digital artifacts that chronicle the history of written communication, from the invention of writing and medieval manuscripts to modernism, the age of print to the present explosion of digital type.

Exhibit information:

2339 3rd St
Floor 4R
San Francisco CA 94122

Thursday: 1:00–8:00pm
Friday–Sunday: 11:00am–6:00pm
Closed Monday–Weds.

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