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Our New Culture of Sharing during SF Design Week: Braindate

During San Francisco Design Week you want to meet interesting people, learn about new things and exchange ideas. But how do you spark those meaningful conversations? It all starts with a braindate.

Virtual braindates are knowledge-sharing conversations that you can browse and book with others on the Braindate platform. Whether one-on-one or in small groups, braindates are your opportunity to meet and learn from new people during San Francisco Design Week.


Once you’re logged in you can set up your profile and either add topics you’d like to discuss or join discussion to topics others have posted. You can post topics based on your area of expertise or whatever it is you’re interested in. A good place to start when crafting your topic may be: What have you been working on lately that could use some peer feedback? How do you achieve work-life balance especially in shelter in place? What new tools are you using for collaboration? How is VR changing the space of architecture and interior design? Hot topics this year are Designing for trust, autonomous vehicles, accessibility, designing for disaster and sustainability.


– We’ll be hosting continuous braindates on June 16th, 18th and 23rd between the times of 9am and 1pm PST. You’ll be able to select the specific time slots for your braindates, you choose based on topics.


Attendees with and All-Access pass will have the opportunity to register with the SF Design Week Braindate platform, submit topics or join existing topic session!

STEP 1: Get your all-access pass to attend San Francisco Design Week (Braindate is included in this pass!)

STEP 2: Login to the Braindate platform today: using the email you used to register for SFDW. You will be prompted to create a password.

STEP 3: Once you’re in, you’ll see the topic market, where SFDW attendees post topics for one-on-one or small group discussions. It’s your turn to post! Select “New topic” in the navigation bar and post a topic of your own.

STEP 4: Book a spot in a conversation posted by one of your peers.

STEP 5: Create your profile so people know who they’ll be meeting with!

STEP 6: Meet up virtually with the braindates you’ve booked on the platform on June 16th,18th, and 23rd!

Please note, you MUST join pods or post topics PRIOR to the sessions!


Virtual Braindate Platform Journey from e180 on Vimeo.

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